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How does this work?

OK, here's what you need to do to run an amazing little slumber party:

  1. Check availability on the bookings page.

  2. Once you have checked that the date you are looking for is free, hit the BOOK NOW button.

  3. A deposit is taken for your booking at this time (don't worry, you'll get an email just before the party to complete the payment).

  4. When the party is over, if this is a Posted Party you have two days to package everything back up in the box, and call the number on the box to arrange collection. Simple. For a Hosted Party, we come and take it all away for you.


What's in the box?

Quite simple! IF we have a host in your area, we bring everything along. If we are posting the party to you, we send you out all the kit you need for 4 children and instructions for set-up, including:

  • 4x A-frame wooden tent and fabric skin

  • 4x Inflatable beds

  • 4x Fitted bed sheets

  • 4x Snuggly throw/cover

  • 4x Scatter cushions

  • 4x Breakfast trays

  • 4x Lanterns with LED candles

  • 4x Name plaques and pen

  • 4x Sleep masks

  • 2x Fairy lights

  • Hearts on strings for girls/Dreamcatchers for boys

  • 2x Bunting for decoration

  • Electric pretend camp fire

  • Midnight feast supplies (crisps, snacks)

  • Movie popcorn boxes


What do I need to do once a posted party arrives?

All you need to do is follow a few simple instructions, 60 minutes should be plenty of time!


How much room does it take?

Each tent takes up around 1m X 1.2m squared and there are four of them. The beds are standard single size. We'd recommend having them all facing each other in a square shaped layout with the electric camp fire at the centre, but it's up to you!


Do you do set-ups for boys too?

We certainly do! 


Can I join you and rent these parties out to people near me?

In addition to our "posted parties", we currently run our 'hosted parties' throughout the East Midlands. We are looking to provide these to parties further afield. Drop us a line below if you'd be interested in becoming a regional representative and run your own sleepover business from home in your spare time.

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